Some frequently asked questions about the app

What is DogyTales?

DogyTales is a smart phone app design to connect dog lovers both locally and globally.

DogyTale uses location based services on your phone to show you other dog owners/lovers in your local neighbourhood and allow you to interact with them.
As well as providing business listings for Dog related products and services. Easily find your closest dog walker or groomer using the DogyTales App.

iOS: This app does not have access to your photos or videos

When attempting to access your iPhones photo library you may receive an error "This app does not have access to your photos or videos"

As an added privacy measure, iOS 6 requires that users grant apps explicit permission to access the photo library on their iPhone or iPad, iPod (i.e., Camera Roll, Photo Stream). After upgrading to iOS 6 or installing DogyTales on an iOS 6 device, you will be prompted to grant this permission to DogyTales.

If permission is denied, the following screen will display when a member attempts to select a photo (be it trying to upload a profile photo or attempting to send a photo in chat):
"This app does not have access to your photos or videos"

To fix this issues perform the following steps

  1. Click the HOME button to return to the home screen
  2. Locate and started the Settings App
  3. Scroll down to Privacy and select
  4. Scroll down to Photos and select
  5. You will see a list of App - Locate DogyTales and slide the switch from OFF to ON


iOS - Switching Measurement Units - Metric to Imperial

By default, DogyTales uses the region setting of your device to determine the appropriate unit system to use.  At this time this cannot be overridden within the App

However you can change the setting for the whole of your iOS device

  1. Click the HOME button to return to the home screen
  2. Locate and started the Settings App
  3. Scroll down to General and select
  4. Scroll down to Internation and select
  5. Select Region Format 
  6. Select a Imperial based region e.g. United States ... or if switching to Metric choose Australia or any European country

Android: Inaccurate Location indication

Your Android device* determines and provides your location to our app based on a combination of the following:

  • GPS Satellite Triangulation - Very accurate, but works only outdoors and can take between several seconds to several minutes to establish a fix
  • Cell Tower Triangulation - Fast; works anywhere you have a cell signal; but accuracy is highly variable depending on signal strength and interference, distance from cell towers, obstacles, and the number of cell towers in range of your phone
  • WiFi Base Station Location - Fast; requires a WiFi connection; often very inaccurate
WiFi-only tablet devices can only locate via WiFi Base Station. GPS will work on Android phones and 3G tablets without a data plan. A-GPS (assisted GPS), which uses the Internet in concert with GPS to more rapidly pinpoint your location, will work without a data plan as long as you have a WiFi connection.

If your location as reported by DogyTales is occasionally inaccurate under ~1km -- especially while indoors and/or in hilly and/or urban areas----please consider the information above. GPS signals are often blocked by the building you are in and can be block in high density buildings areas like a City CBD.

If your location in DogyTales is consistently inaccurate, or reports that you are more than 1km away from where you are, please try the following:

Force GPS services to refresh:

  1. Navigate (from main screen) to Menu > Settings > Location & Security
  2. UNCHECK "Use Wireless Networks", "Use GPS Satellites", "Enable Assisted GPS"
  3. Restart (power off, power on) your Android Device
  4. Navigate (from main screen) to Menu > Settings > Location & Security
  5. CHECK "Use Wireless Networks", "Use GPS Satellites", "Enable Assisted GPS"
  6. Re-open DogyTales
If your location is still inaccurate, open your Maps app and determine if your location is accurately being reported.
If it is not, it is possible there is something wrong with your installation of Android OS and/or the hardware in your device

Android: I'm not receiving notifications from the App

You must be running Android version 2.2 or greater to receive alerts.

On Android 4.2, you must enable "Show Notifications"

Notifications also require support from your cell phone or wireless carrier.

General: I'm in the UK and I can't access DogyTales on 3G or 4G networks

Although DogyTales is G-Rated and Family friendly App. UK mobile carriers are legally required to block access to services meant for adults over their mobile data networks (3G, HSPA+, EDGE, etc.) by default, especially on pay-as-you-go plans. Your provider may mistakenly decided DogyTales is adults only App. Vodafone, O2, Three UK, and Orange UK, and T-Mobile are the most prominent examples, but there may be others.

If you are unable to launch DogyTales or see nobody on the Global or Nearby grids while accessing DogyTales experience repeated connection errors and freezes when trying to access DogyTales via a mobile data connection 3G -- but experience no difficulty when doing so on WiFi--it is likely that a content block is in place. Your carrier should be able to remove the adult content block upon request. Depending on the carrier, you may need to verify that you are over 18 before they will remove the block.

While DogyTales is NOT and adults only application - some carriers may classify it as such.

Please contact us and let us know if this is the case - and we will attempt to resolve with the carrier.

General: I can't upload a profile pic

If your profile photo is not uploading, please try the following:

  • Verify that your photo is in JPG or PNG format and is no larger than 500KB
  • Verify that you are using the latest version of the DogyTales client
  • Restart (power off/power on) your device

Immediately launch DogyTales
Immediately open the Profile Editor
iOS Devices: Settings > Profile Editor
Android Devices: Settings > Profile Editor

Tap on the thumbnail (no-photo silhouette) to start the photo selection/cropping tool. When finished, back out of the Profile Editor to save your changes

If the above doesn't work and you are using a mobile data (3G/EDGE) connection, repeat the process above using a WiFi connection, or vice versa.

If the above doesn't work, try uploading a different picture.

If none of the above approaches work, please submit a DogyTales support request for further assistance.

General: System time error when I access the Local grid.

If you are receiving the error message "Please ensure your system time is set correctly" when attempting to reload the online or local grids, your system time and/or time zone may be incorrect. Try the following steps:

iOS Devices:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Open General
  3. Open Date & Time
  4. Make sure Set Automatically is set to ON

Android Devices:

  1. Navigate to your device home screen
  2. Press the MENU button
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Date and time
  5. Make sure that the option Automatic: Use network-provided values is checked

If you are on a device that is Wi-Fi only, you may not see the "Automatic: Use network-provided values" option. In that case, please ensure that both your time and time zone are correct. In most cases, devices that experienced this error had correctly set times but incorrect timezones.

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